Ruth Stalker-Firth, PhD (EPFL), loves to talk technology &storytelling, yoga & tarot; fascinated by how people use technology & vice-versa.

Hello, my name is Ruth, I write about technology and storytelling as, for me, they are inextricably linked to understanding ourselves and the world around us. When I worked as a interaction designer, I listened to stories about my users’ whole lives not just their computers.

I’ve been online since1995 and began blogging on this site in 2007 which gets ~1.3 million hits a year. Offline, I was born in a maternity home in Middlesbrough which is now part of the Halls of Residence of Teesside University. I guess that’s why I feel at home in a university setting. I grew up halfway between Redcar and Middlesbrough and spent a lot of my time roaming the Cleveland Hills and Redcar Beach. Nowadays, I live in London and I miss the sea.

I first became a university lecturer in 2001 and over the years, I have taught BSc and MSc level human-computer interaction (HCI), cognitive science, biometrics, IT security, and web technologies. In August 2020, I launched my online course in HCI.

Back in the last century, I lived in Lausanne, Switzerland, for six years as I worked on my PhD in HCI and big data for structural monitoring. I speak fluent French and terrible Italian and will always have a place in my heart for the Canton Vaud.

I practice yoga and Tarot and love rollerskating.

What is Ruth doing now?