A new year

The hubby and I had our first flat meeting of 2022 this morning to see how to move forward this year and we began the meeting by listing what we have done so far. So here it is: Fridge/freezer and tumbler dryer to this place which has improved our lives no end. New radiator and… Continue reading A new year

Next steps

I had a phone call with the management company with my leasehold agreement, vintage 1979, spread out in front of me. It is the funniest document and as the picture shows above has actual stamps on it. Above are the relevant paragraphs which says what the lessee and lessor have to do without prejudice. The… Continue reading Next steps


It feels like I am really making progress this week. I was up bright and breezy this morning to let the bloke in who is doing the render at the front. Unfortunately, he was 40 minutes late so I phoned his boss as the bloke himself wasn’t answering his phone and I wanted to check… Continue reading Sunrise

Making a plan

This week is mainly about negotiating with the freeholders of the building (aka me and the other people who own flats there) to sort out who is responsible for the work which needs doing for the leaseholders (aka me and the other people who own flats there). It’s really quite funny. I am going to… Continue reading Making a plan

Response patterns

I haven’t had much progress lately as I am waiting on the management company to fix things. They sent another surveyor round who looked at the flat roof at the back of the flat as the walls are damp, the render and generally lots of other stuff which need repairing. I also had to change… Continue reading Response patterns

Brush your teeth email

Lately, it has been all about tanking and damp proofing. I have had several companies round to give me an estimate and basically they want to tank the whole flat. Half of the flat is below a raised pavement and there is damage to the brickwork, so not only do we have rising damp, we… Continue reading Brush your teeth email

One month in

It is November! I can’t quite believe it and I have been doing this project for one month now. Yesterday I had two really nice electricians round. Apparently, I just need to get gas bonding and the electrics can receive a certification as the rest of the testing they did, showed all the electrics to… Continue reading One month in

The land of IKEA

I went to IKEA yesterday to get some ideas and to price out bathrooms and kitchens. It was really good fun. I took my girls as they make everything better fun, and like most of the kids in there, they treat the place like a great big Wendy house. It was really funny to walk… Continue reading The land of IKEA

Making plans

I am starting to feel like I know a lot more than I did 22 days ago when I set up this blog which probably isn’t a great deal yet. This morning as I stood on the iron staircase out the front of my flat with my jetspray blasting the mould off the steps, I… Continue reading Making plans