Happy Birthday, baby

Jasmine opening her cards

Jasmine is one today. I have cried a lot, tears of joy. Neil has been his usual lovely self, and has rubbed my back a lot. And Jasmine has been non-plussed by the whole event, even though she received loads of lovely cards and presents (thank you, everyone).

We only managed to get her to look at the first card, as shown in the picture here, that played music, and then she was permanently distracted by the envelopes and the lovely shiny wrapping paper. So in a few days time perhaps she will notice that she has lots more interesting things with which to play.

Jasmine blowing out her candle

Jasmine loved the candle on her cake and kept trying to touch it, but didn’t want to taste the cake itself, so Neil and I had a little slice each (now there is only a little bit left).

Jasmine being her gorgeous self

There was a bit of a mix-up with our dialysis delivery on Saturday when it finally arrived, so Neil had to rush off to GOSH this afternoon to pick up more supplies, and when he came home he arrived with a gift from our lovely nurses for Jasmine’s birthday. Here she is modelling one of the hair ribbons, sitting next to her new teddies (she also got a cute hat and mitts but we will save those for another picture).

Jasmine at birth

And finally, we keep this picture in a frame in our living room. It was taken after Jasmine arrived at Great Ormond St, once the team at Homerton had spent several hours making her stable enough to travel. Some lovely person in NICU took two pictures for which I was so grateful. I got to study my daughter whilst I was still at the Homerton and poor Neil was dashing back and forth between hospitals, after having had no sleep the night before.

So today, we remember and thank all the doctors, surgeons and nurses at Homerton on the first day and GOSH ever since, who took such great care (and continue to do so) of Jasmine and I. We remain eternally grateful and give thanks that such wonderful people exist. And we thank everyone who has thought of us, prayed for us, and shared with us over the past year. Thank you for all your love and support.

8 Responses to “Happy Birthday, baby”

  1. Cris says:

    Happy Birthday Jasmine!

  2. diane says:

    Hi there ‘Birthday Girl’ and mam and dad….Happy Birthday Jasmine… loved the pictures, she is really engrossed in that card…hope you are all ok, I have been reading all your bits and pieces of late and of course getting bits from your mum. Had our usual trip out on Monday night and your mum added to our little kitty…all £3 of it…every little helps!!! It is snowing like mad today so nothing much to do, nice lazy day with a book maybe…so take care all of you and don’t eat too much cake…bye for now..Diane…

  3. andrea says:

    Jasmine looks gorgeous as usual . hope you got the card ok. lots of love

  4. Jen says:

    Happy Birthday Jasmine.

    Lots of love to your mum and dad.

    Jen xxxxx

  5. Jill Winslow says:

    Happy Birthday you miracle girl!!!! Congrats, the first baby is a parental accomplishment, even more so with all the Jasmine has gone through! The cake looked delicious (: Enjoy, what an amazing blessed day! Sending hugs across the ocean!

  6. Charlotte Ashton says:

    WOW… A whole year and what a year you have all been through. Sending Jasmine lots of belated birthday wishes. Lots of love X

  7. Lynn Murphy says:

    Happy belated birthday to a very special girl.
    Congratulations to your amazing mum and dad to!
    Much love Lynn x

  8. Lorna and Chris says:

    Belated happy birthday lovely Jasmine! We were in South Africa on your birthday but we have been thinking about you, as usual.
    Hope you’re all well.
    Lots of love,
    Lorna and Chris xxx

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