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Alone together: Is social media changing us?

The Information Superhighway is just a f***ing metaphor! Give me a break! -Randy Waterhouse, Cryptonomicon (1999) During a 2012 Ted talk based on her book Alone Together, Social Studies of Technology Professor, Sherry Turkle said: ‘Technology is taking us to … Continue reading

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Experience: Where am I? Where have I been? Where am I going?

One month ago I, who has had cancer, dropped my daughter, who has had kidney failure, off at school for her first day. And as I walked home, I was stunned. This day was in a future I didn’t believe … Continue reading

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Why my coffee machine is so sexy

My La Pavoni Professional looks fabulous in my kitchen and makes even more fabulous coffee. What else could a coffee machine give me? What about the feeling that I am an extremely clever girl everytime I pull an espresso? From … Continue reading

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In control of self-assessment

Normally, I have violent fantasies about the things I would like to say when on the telephone with the Inland Revenue. Yesterday I didn’t say a word when interacting with them as I filed my self-assessment online. Like this:Like Loading…

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