The view from my yoga mat

The view from my yoga mat

I have done yoga on and off now for over a quarter of a century. I do yoga for several months and swear when I am healthy (and annoying) that I will never stop because it makes me feel so good. But, then life happens and I stop.

This time, I have been doing yoga daily (well, near enough) since the start of 2013. I feel stronger and fitter and happier.

I once heard Rodney Yee say to his students: If you are not getting down on your mat everyday then find something else to do. And, I almost believed him.

Now, I think, yoga – like life – is something you do one day at a time. And, I know for sure that life is more complex that a make one decision today just ‘cos you didn’t do something yesterday. Our mind-body-soul interaction is not that simple. And, we are not that simple. Just because you are not there -wherever you want to be – yet, doesn’t mean you will never get there. As they say in Galaxy Quest: Never give up, never surrender.

I love yoga and it is something I will always come back to. Always! But over the years, there have been times when I wanted to get down on my yoga mat and I couldn’t. Sometimes, there were big reasons, other times there weren’t – I just couldn’t. But, I didn’t want to try to find something new because whether I was doing yoga or not doing yoga, I know, I love yoga. Noodle, don’t noodle. Yoga, don’t yoga. And don’t get me wrong, I tried other things, but ultimately, I just didn’t want to do anything else to the extent that I wanted to do yoga even when I couldn’t.

Lately, I love and do yoga daily (well almost) and because it is hot and I have been going outside with my yoga mat, yesterday, I snapped the view. And today I snapped it again. So, I am going to see where this goes. And should the time come again when I lose the will to get on the mat, I will have a collection of images of all the times I got on down on my mat and made myself feel better.

It also means, that after lurking on twitter for a very long time, I finally have something to offer:

The view from my yoga mat:

Is the future of techology to be found in fiction?

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When Jurassic Park was on at the cinema, I remember laughing out loud with a couple of my computing mates when the young girl, Lex, looks at a computer screen and says: “It’s a UNIX system. I know this.” At the time, UNIX didn’t have much in the way of a graphical-user interface (GUI), unless you wanted to write one yourself. And it definitely looked nothing like the screen she recognised. Nowadays, a quick look around the many Linux and UNIX distributions demonstrates that GUIs are everywhere. There are probably some as fancy as the screen she was looking at before she got the Jurassic system up and running again to save them all from being eaten by dinosaurs.

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Are computers making us stupid?

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In 1996, I listened to Lofty Zadeh, the daddy of fuzzy logic, give his keynote speech at the ‘Artificial Intelligence in Design’ conference, Stanford University. He described the excitment of artificial intelligence in the 1950s and how Marvin Minsky, father of frames, told a press conference that 50 years on, computers would read and understand Shakespeare. When Zadeh asked Minsky what possessed him make such a claim, Minsky said that he didn’t know, he had just gotten carried away.

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Stalkers in space and Facebook in your face

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I created my first webpage in 1995, which has since disappeared forever as even thinks it’s too old to store. Fingers poised over my keyboard, I felt shy about what to write. Eventually, I restricted myself to my research interests as I didn’t think that anyone would care to know about my favourite beer. How times have changed. The web nowadays is full of people talking about their favourite beers (mine, by the way, are Theakston’s Old Peculiar and Franziskaner). Everyone likes to chat. Continue reading “Stalkers in space and Facebook in your face”