If you can’t say anything nice….

Our new sofa

… I should not say anything at all, a wise man told me today, in between telling me not to be so moany. Everyone has problems of their own. He is right of course.

I am feeling much better today as I slept well (albeit it, up at 1am, 2am, and 5am for the girls) and Neil let me have a lie in. When I woke up again at 9am, Jasmine and Calista were out of bed and dressed. Neil still can’t pick up Jasmine so she has taken to throwing herself out of bed or off the sofa when she is bored of waiting for me. I haven’t seen her do it yet, but she is pretty smart and does it without hurting herself (!?!).

The community nurses left two big boxes of syringes at the concierge as well, so that is great. We are stopping one of Jasmine’s immunosuppressants as she has a virus (EBV) which GOSH have been monitoring. She needs to fight it off so we will see how she gets on. She looks ok today, but it is a bit of a worry, but GOSH are on the case, and have been looking out for it since transplant, so that is brilliant, they are brilliant.

We have been shopping to St Pancras. Neil and I had half an hour to buy each other gifts, since we never go anywhere without each other, and it is a bit difficult to do secret shopping. It was a bit of a giggle. I am impressed with my shopping, Neil less so, but then he cheated by buying me things on the internet too. Phew!

So, we are all ready for Christmas, including a homemade cake. Neil’s mum has made us a Dundee cake, which was very kind of her, as we were too tired this year to cook our own.

Our new sofa

Jasmine’s latest thing is to shout ‘Have it!’ when she wants something. It is funny and sounds like something a football fan should shout during a match. Calista crawled across the rug this afternoon and looks like a baby commando. We are so impressed!

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