Merry Christmas, Happy Boxing Day

 Calista in the hotseat

Merry Christmas! We had a lovely day and couldn’t believe it was finally here after all the waiting. It was fantastic to be at home for Christmas. Jasmine got a bit overexcited opening the presents so we had to have a break and lunch and carry on later.

Thanks to everyone, the girls got lots of lovely presents. Jasmine now owns every last bit of In the Night Garden merchandise. And Calista has the cutest range of snuggly things for bed.

We all sat together for lunch, Calista in her new chair. Calista enjoyed chewing on some carrots and parsnips. Jasmine didn’t really want anything. It is going to take a while to get her going, which is a bit tough, but it is a really great day when we have time to think about how to encourage her to eat and drink on her own.

Poor Jasmine was so tired by the end of the day, she had been a bit tired all day, but refused to go for a nap. So she totally conked out during her last feed.

 Jasmine in the hotseat

Today, we were all up at 5am, as Neil and I gave up sleeping at that point. Calista woke up at 11pm, 1am, 2am, I put her down at 3am and then Jasmine woke up at 4am, and then at 5am, we gave up and got up. At 6am with everyone full of breakfast we all got back into our bed and slept until 9.30am. Fabulous! Three hours unbroken sleep, even with little feet sticking in my ribs, was fantastic.

Calista crawls around all the time after Jasmine and can’t bear for Jasmine to be out of her sight.

Jasmine has discovered washing up. I was sitting at the sink with her whilst she did the washing up today as she still can’t stand alone. Every so often she would pull herself up to see better. I think with a bit more washing up she will learn to stand as watching her pull herself up was really encouraging.

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  1. Linda Wh says:

    Glad you could enjoy Christmas so much. The little table chair is very liek the one we used all over including our trips to US. But it was plain, Calista can enjoy the variety of hers.

    Best wishes for a healthy and peaceful 2010.

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