Neil: Two weeks off

Jasmine had clinics down at Great Ormond Street yesterday. We had been booked into the wrong clinic, but still got through in record time. I think that all the other patients were stuck in the snow, so the clinic was very quiet. Jasmine is doing well, and all her bloods are stable, so there were no medicine changes and we get two weeks off. Amazing!

Jasmine’s screening for Epstein-Barr virus was positive last time, so her Azathioprine has been stopped for the moment. This is a very common virus, and stopping the immunosuppression will allow Jasmine to fight off the infection. We haven’t noticed any particular symptoms so far, so hopefully it isn’t making her feel too bad.

During the clinic Calista demonstrated her new motor skills by pulling out Jasmine’s NG-tube. She had got hold of it and pulled it out in a flash. Calista seems to be obsessed with it at the moment, so we keep having to find new ways to hide the tube in Jasmine’s clothes. We didn’t have a spare tube with us, so we had to go up to the ward for some supplies. One of the nurses kindly offered to put the tube back down. Jasmine got a silk tube this time, which is softer on her nose, and lasts four weeks, instead of one for the plastic tubes.

On Monday I went for a second follow up appointment at Guy’s hospital. Everything looks good, so I don’t have to go back for a year! My baseline creatinine level appears to have moved up after the operation from around 70 to 130.

We got all ready for Christmas early, in case Jasmine was hospitalised, or we had a last minute hiccup. Now we are just waiting for the day to arrive! Thanks to everyone who has sent presents for us to pile under the tree.

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    Merry Christmas to you all!

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