February 2024 updates to my HCI course

My course on human-computer interaction is available over on Udemy.

I designed the materials as a fusion between the academic lectures I’ve given and the practical design skills a UX consultant needs using everything I’ve ever blogged about on this website.

Here is a long list of links to all the blogs I have written about HCI and which I have used in this course: 101 ways to think about human-computer interaction.

By taking the course, students will design an app and learn how to:

  1. Study their users, aka the humans using technology, who are the key factor of any design.
  2. Use data: big, dark, or dirty, to extend an app’s capabilities, and see how robots won’t be taking over the world anytime soon but that nonetheless, AI can be useful.
  3. Employ design theory and UX skills in a big mash-up which I call the 5 Fs.
  4. Evaluate an app using the user, data, and system design.
  5. Learn about social media as social animals, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, game theory and the connection economy.
  6. Predict the future of technology using fiction and serendipity. The internet of things could really help us redistribute resources if only we did it right.

By the end of the course, students will feel confident talking about human-computer interaction and technology in our ever changing digital landscape.

Need to know what skills you already have which make you ready to take this course? Watch the video below:

TL;DR: we gossip and we make stuff!

Personally speaking, there is nothing more exciting than signing up to a new course with the promise of a new adventure and the discovery of things I didn’t know before. I don’t care what I learn as long as I am entertained and have fun along the way.

Here is a blog about the online courses I have loved, learnt from and got fired up by on the way to making my own. Enjoy!

And, here’s the link again to my course on human-computer interaction, available on Udemy.

Updated: 20th February 2024