Nepo baby: The Rise and Fall of Skywalker

The Force is not a meritocracy after all. Rey was not a nobody. She was a princess, a nepo baby. Her Grandad was the resurrected Palpatine from whom she got her Force powers and the electricity ones which appeared in IX to fry Chewbacca’s ship – though the Rey from previous films wouldn’t have lost control like that.

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A place of OKness

Rev angel says that when people ask her: How do I recognise my OKness? How do I know I am doing it right? She tells them that we just know, instinctively, like falling in love, no one tells us we are in love, we just know how we feel. This is because the only truth is in the body, the body we inhabit.

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A Christmas Gift

Tis the season to be jolly and learn human-computer interaction and in the spirit of Christmas giving , my course is free on Udemy when using the link below:

(expires 03/01/23).

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