Artificial Intelligence: Ghosts, Robots, Data

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  1. Data transformation
  2. BikBot: Designing a bikram robot
  3. Westworld: Robots and 10,247 lines of code
  4. Storytelling with AI and machine learning
  5. Myth making in machine learning
  6. Our love affair with big data
  7. Westworld and the ghosts of AI
  8. The ghosts of AI
  9. Stories, Semantics and the Web of Data
  10. Storytelling: Narrative, Databases, and Big Data
  11. Simplexity and the Internet of Things
  12. Love the machine, don’t rage against it
  13. Codebreaking: Humans are the weakest link
  14. Visualisation: Information is power – just avoid drowning in data
  15. Chit Chat, Chitty Chitty Chit Chat, ChatGPT

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