ruth stalker-firth

What is Ruth doing right now?

It’s September, the end of summer and already, I have that back-to-school, so-excited-about-the-new-academic-year feeling.

Consequently, I am:

+ getting ready to teach a brand new course, watch this space for further details.

+ making myself laugh by remembering how I became ComputerWoman in the accidental techie.

+  working on a non-fiction book on human-computer interaction and no, AI is not taking over the world any minute now. I promise you.

+ going to Bikram.

+ practising Ecstatic Breathwork with Scott Schwenk on Commune. I’m only on my 3rd week now and it’s already fantastic.

+  sleeping under the stars as often as possible with tent and trangia (a total design classic which I must write about, asap).

+ diving deep into tarot, fascinated, as I am, by the energy of archetypes.

Last updated: 3rd September 2019