Ruth Stalker-Firth, PhD (EPFL), lecturer & writer; loves to talk about human-computer interaction, storytelling, & bikram; fascinated by how people use technology & vice-versa.

Hi, my name is Ruth and I have been blogging here since 2007. I specialise in human-computer interaction and believe that technology is pure magic when people are at the centre of its application.

I have built computers and written software for use on bridges, in chemical engineering plants, steel rolling mills, exhibition centres and architectural firms. I’ve trialled websites, kiosks, apps for use in labs, offices, and homes. My goals have always been to make data more manageable, support users, and reduce the gap in between.

I have degrees in computing, artificial intelligence, structural engineering; and postgraduate diplomas in journalism, teaching, and virtual reality.

I have taught human-computer interaction, cognitive science, biometrics, IT security, java, databases, ux, and web design at BSc and MSc level; and provided ux consultancy to a range of companies.

What am I doing now?