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Ruth Stalker-Firth, PhD (EPFL), loves to talk human-computer interaction and storytelling; fascinated by how people use technology & vice-versa.

Hi, my name is Ruth. I am a computer scientist and I absolutely love to blog about human-computer interaction and storytelling.

We use story to understand ourselves, each other, and the world around us. When creating software for people, I have spent a lot of time listening to stories about whole lives not just computers. We all want to explore our human experience much of which, nowadays, is tangled up with technology and social media, and the way we behave online fascinates me no end.

I’ve taught BSc and MSc level human-computer interaction, cognitive science, biometrics, IT security, and web technologies at the universities of Lancaster, Westminster, and Birkbeck, London. I’ve worked as a web designer, UX consultant and programmer, and written software for use when bridge monitoring, in engineering plants, steel rolling mills, exhibition centres and architectural firms.

I love learning new things both as teacher and student, so I had great fun recently when I created my first online course in human-computer interaction which is available to purchase over on Udemy.

What is Ruth doing now?