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Design aficionados will be thrilled this week as Apple announced their first product for the living room. Currently, Apple are calling it iTV and plan to have it in the shops by early next year.

iTV is a wireless box approximately the size of a mouse mat which sits on top of your television and lets you connects directly to your computer whilst you watch the graphics it provides on your television.

Steve Jobs, CEO and co-founder of Apple, described the new technology as ‘the most stunning graphics we have seen on a television’. Through the box it is possible to watch downloaded movies and TV shows, music, pictures or to surf the Internet itself on your television? Downloaded files can be played on computer, ipod, or television.

Following the news, polled its ipod and mac readers to discover that 70% of readers would be tempted to watch movies on their television as they were streamed from the Internet. What about non-mac fans?

Ipod fan Andy Dickinson says, ‘I am a great fan of my ipod and Apple but I am not sure I would bother. I might just be tempted to watch movies on my computer and I know I could already watch movies on my TV if I bought a cable to connect it to my computer for a tenner I don’t see what iTV offers me that is any different.’

John Falcone, blogger at describes iTV as having great potential but that the Apple announcement hasn’t covered the technological difficulties of making relatively small graphics files look good across all devices.

Ipod user, Adam Dawson says, ‘I guess it is all about making things easy to use so if I can just sit on the settee and watch everything from there and the quality was ok instead of messing on with my computer and cables then I would.’

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