The view from my yoga mat

The view from my yoga mat

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I have done yoga on and off now for over a quarter of a century. I do yoga for several months and swear when I am healthy (and annoying) that I will never stop because it makes me feel so good. But, then life happens and I stop.

This time, I have been doing yoga daily (well, near enough) since the start of 2013. I feel stronger and fitter and happier.

I once heard Rodney Yee say to his students: If you are not getting down on your mat everyday then find something else to do. And, I almost believed him.

Now, I think, yoga – like life – is something you do one day at a time. And, I know for sure that life is more complex that a make one decision today just ‘cos you didn’t do something yesterday. Our mind-body-soul interaction is not that simple. And, we are not that simple. Just because you are not there -wherever you want to be – yet, doesn’t mean you will never get there. As they say in Galaxy Quest: Never give up, never surrender.

I love yoga and it is something I will always come back to. Always! But over the years, there have been times when I wanted to get down on my yoga mat and I couldn’t. Sometimes, there were big reasons, other times there weren’t – I just couldn’t. But, I didn’t want to try to find something new because whether I was doing yoga or not doing yoga, I know, I love yoga. Noodle, don’t noodle. Yoga, don’t yoga. And don’t get me wrong, I tried other things, but ultimately, I just didn’t want to do anything else to the extent that I wanted to do yoga even when I couldn’t.

Lately, I love and do yoga daily (well almost) and because it is hot and I have been going outside with my yoga mat, yesterday, I snapped the view. And today I snapped it again. So, I am going to see where this goes. And should the time come again when I lose the will to get on the mat, I will have a collection of images of all the times I got on down on my mat and made myself feel better.

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