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We all eat pray love design from the places we call home and work right down to the drawers we keep our cutlery in. We all have an opinion about design even if we think we don’t. And we are all social psychologists. 60% of all adult conversation involves talking about someone who even isn’t in the room.

We are trying to make sense of the world and people, so that we can design our experiences and surroundings in order to make our lives more comfortable. These two activities alone in my book makes us all qualified to do human-computer interaction (HCI) to improve the user experience (UX).

I entered into the field of HCI after working on an AI project for architectural design and realised that the computer needed help. That may have been 25 years ago and computational power is amazing these days but AI still needs as much help as it can get if we are going to make our users happy. HCI is more important than ever because as UX/HCI designers we become agents of change.

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  1. Hi there,

    I found your Human-Computer Interaction course on Udemy, and I am loving every minute. I am studying UX/UI and have been curious how that and HCI and Computational Social Science (I just learned that exists — yikes) all relate to one another. I’m also very much into Tarot and I think it’s cool you are designing apps on that. Well, won’t take too much of your time. Great course, great site you got here! 🙂

    1. Hi Maggie, thanks for your lovely comment here and over on Udemy. Honestly, you have made my day. I am so glad you are enjoying the course and yay cool that you love the tarot too. I am nuts about it. Good luck with everything as you move forward! My best, Ruth

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