Human-computer 1.5: Upgrading the upgrade

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After explaining yesterday in a rather long blog, as it turned out, called Wrestling with Spiderman, how I have created 39 new videos for my online course in human-computer interaction over on Udemy over these last three months, I realised that I have about another 30 more lectures to go until I feel that I will have done everything for what I am now calling: Human-Computer Interaction 2.0.

As I was blogging, I thought that it would help prospective students to replace the video I made back in March to explain my proposed upgrade rather than leave it as is but then I made myself chuckle with the idea of updating the update. This morning, I went ahead and upgraded my original upgrade video, which was a very nice way of spending my time. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Upgrading an upgrade and creating materials about creating materials, is all getting very meta, but not Facebook Meta, though I will be writing a blog about that in the near future if I can stop making videos and meta-videos for my Udemy course which at the moment it is my favourite thing.

Without further ado (drumroll please), here is my upgraded upgrade video, complete with flashback special effects. I know!

My course on human-computer interaction1.5 so far is available over on Udemy.


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