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It is the time of year, when I like to contemplate the stats on my cpanel, (I often link to Wikipedia here, so gave them a Christmas donation), which reminds me of my dad and when I used to ask him what he was doing he would either say: Contemplating the infinite or Contemplating my navel, depending on his mood. As I get older, I think the seemingly different contemplations are actually interchangeable.

On the subject of donations and my parents, I remembered them both this year by making donations. In my dad’s name, I gave to the Great North Air Ambulance as he supported them for many years. And, in my mum’s name, I donated to the RLNI lifeboats. The new Whitby lifeboat will have her name on the side, along with many other loved ones’ names, which when launched will take them all out to sea.

Course when I pressed send on the form, Google autofilled the fields in for me, so I actually donated money to remember myself, thankfully someone from the RNLI got in touch and my mother is back on the side. Modern technology eh?

Anyway, I began this mini-tradition of mine in 2015, and have continued ever since: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. My biggest hitters are invariably so different to what I think will do well, and they change over time as posts weave their way across the World Wide Web. With this in mind, I collated the top 10 blogs written in 2022 and the top 10 blogs hit in 2022, mainly, because of the way in which the cpanel work, and I just don’t want or need to collect all my data.

So without further ado, drumroll please, here are my top 10s of 2022.

The Top 10 blogposts written in 2022

1. The Nonconformist, July 8, 2022
2. Sign me up! I want to be a ballerina, February 12, 2022
3. A revelation of Ruths, February 18, 2022
4. La Belle Époque,  March, 24, 2022
5. Coding in Minecraft (0): Tenacity, January 9, 2022
6. Coding in Minecraft (3): Coordinates, confusion and collaboration, January 30, 2022
7. A birthday gift, May 20, 2022
8. Homesick and restless, October 28, 2022
9. Learning to plaster, June 26, 2022
10. Coding in Minecraft (1): Chicken rain and sky writing,  January 10, 2022

The Top 10 blogposts of www.ruthstalkerfirth.com in 2022

1. Semiotics: It’s a sign
2. Women in Storytelling – Star Wars: The Force Awakens
3. Virtual Presence: Where do we go when we go online?
4. Designing design: Form follows function
5. Aggression: The social animal on social media
6. Propaganda and Persuasion: The Social Animal on Social Media (3)
7. A Gacha guide to social anxiety on social media
8. Designing story (3): Archetypes and aesthetics
9. Maslow’s hierarchy for women?
10. Human-computer interaction, cyberpsychology and core disciplines

My biggest downloads are: usability.pdf, accessibility.pdf on the checklist page and my PhD thesis, which is quite flattering that people want to read these old documents so many years later.

I may come back and put a story to the stats, as I love doing that. Stats fascinate me and so it seems they do Twitter, as they are now showing hits under each individual tweet, but that is for another blog or two.

All that remains to say is thank you for reading and stopping by, I really appreciate it.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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