2015: Top 10 blogs

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I love statistics and infographics like the above which shows me my most used words on Facebook. Retweeted is the most used word as I used to retweet from Twitter to Facebook. Inspired, I looked which blog posts were read most this year, and here they are:

  1. User motivation: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
  2. Maslow’s hierarchy of social media
  3. Bikram: Heat is the way to inner peace
  4. Why my coffee machine is so sexy
  5. Katie Hopkins #myfatstory is a story of vulnerability
  6. Storytelling and embodiment: The stories we tell ourselves
  7. Alone together: Is social media changing us?
  8. Using patterns to shape our world
  9. Stalkers in space and Facebook in your face
  10. Chemotherapy: The year of my hair

There is no pattern at all except that I wrote each blog with a strong desire to either understand something or to share something and I look forward to doing that again this year.

Happy New Year!


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